Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Blockhouse for French Indian War

To add some variety to my French Indian War armies a blockhouse and fort is needed. The blockhouse is the easier and smaller of the two to make, so I started there. I mostly use balsa wood and simple shapes, using paint to show any details.

Here are the steps...

The four sides were made and a second strip put around for the second storey of the blockhouse. This also assists with the  painting.
Old cardboard is used to create the roof supports
The cardboard support is slotted into the building
Using thin cardboard create the shape for the roof and cut out
Roof added and a folded strip of card used to hold where the piece joins
Folded strips are added for each corner.
The roof get trimmed up
A base coat of paint is added

A lighter grey is lightly brushed on using an old brush. Old brushes are better to give an uneven look.
Watered down dark brown and black are used to give the impression of logs, shingled roof, and stone walls
Watered down sand colour used to add some more depth to the logs and roof
Firing slits are added and a door
The finished blockhouse
From another angle


  1. I always enjoy the 'apparent' ease in which you go from mental picture to a good crafting job and just how much the painting brings the final bit of character.

    1. It is surprising how much you can do with paint to give the impression of detail. I tend to paint fairly loosely as I have found this looks better than trying to be too precise. The end result is a functional piece of wargaming terrain which can get put into a container without fear of damage.

  2. As Norm says, you make an effective terrain piece look simple to construct. Excellent final result.

    1. Thank you. I am now planning the fort which may require a trip to the hardware store. My second favourite shop after a Model shop.

  3. What a great blockhouse. Consider that idea pinched! I'm really looking forward to the fort.

    1. Thank you. It was a fun and quick project. Hopefully I can keep this simple approach to building a fort.