Saturday, 22 July 2017

6x6 Challenge - WW2 Naval - games 5 and 6

I am yet to play any 6x6 challenge games and the July is quickly slipping by. So it was time to return and complete my mini WW2 Naval campaign and hopefully get 2 games out of it.

For a reminder of the campaign click here.

The campaign was at the stage where the Grey force had successfully made its way across the convoy lanes to the top of the map and were now heading back to their home port having achieved their objectives.

Before any games could be played Blue force had to catch up with the Grey raiders. Their only chance was to hunt down the pocket battleship which had sustained serious damage in a previous encounter and had to roll a 4+ in order make a campaign move.

While Grey's pocket battleship was struggling with damage repairs the weather turned stormy and was a hindrance to Blue's forces search (who have to roll 5+ in stormy weather to move). However, contact was made and game 5 could begin.

Game 5 began at 1pm with stormy weather. Grey's pocket battleship was spotted by Blue's force of a light cruiser, destroyer and two corvettes. Blue's ships were outclassed and hatched a very simple plan to: close the distance as quickly as possible, let loose all their torpedoes and then retire as fast as possible.

Blue's ships close in while Grey's pocket battleship turns broadside and engages
With all torpedoes used Blue makes for a hasty retreat. Two torpedoes made their target, but the stormy weather had prevented any critical damage by either side at this point.
A final salvo from the pocket battleship sunk the light cruiser
Having fought off blue's forces in game 5. Grey's pocket battleship failed to make much headway in the following campaign move (in other words it failed to roll a 4+). The weather was fine and allowed Blue's forces to close and engage.

Blue's forces pounce
Game 6 - Both forces spotted each other at 10am on a fine morning. Blue's force had a battleship, two destroyers and two corvettes. Their plan was to close to torpedo range and engage.

Blue's ships prepare for action
Grey's pocket battleship and blue's ships in the distance
The pocket battleship was able to cripple a couple of the corvettes before both sides turned broadside. Torpedoes were  launched and hit home sinking the pocket battleship.
So the campaign is over in game 6 with the sinking of Grey's pocket battleship. Grey's other force successfully makes it to port. Victory goes to Grey for 2 campaign points for getting both forces to the top of the map, while Blue achieved 1 point for destroying one a Grey's forces.

The games themselves have taken between 15-30 minutes using the straightforward Panzer8 WW2 naval rules, which can still be found in an archive here

All in all, an enjoyable set of games which were enhanced by having a campaign wrapped around them. The dice generated campaign and game moves worked well. In fact too well, for as Blue I lost.


  1. There is something visually very attractive in what looks like a simple scene. As a hex player, I have been tempted to buy blue hexes to do some naval gaming, but I must say, the plain cloth looks nicer. Have you found precision measuring to be a problem at this scale?

  2. Thanks, the felt cloth had been on the table for a couple of days and most of the crinkles (waves?) had gone when the games were played. The rules (from Panzer8) use distance bands where ships can move a band closer to, further away, or maintain their distance by turning broadside to the opposition. The eight bands are marked on the table side using matchsticks and were not shown in the photos.