Saturday, 5 August 2017

French Indian War rules updated

This week has been very much focussed on the French Indian War period. Firstly, I was able to play a game which included my scratch built fort (see earlier posts of how to make this cheap and easy terrain piece).

Secondly, I have updated my French-Indian War rules with all the scribbled amendments accumulated over the last month of so (see a link to them above). There were quite a few notes and have taken up quite a bit of my time - so this is a rather brief post.

The assault begins
Skirmisher units outside the fort are proving a distraction to the attackers
Matchsticks represent wall destroyed by artillery. This was the furthest the British got before the French regulars sallied out of the fort and successfully counter attacked.

Thirdly, and finally, two books are hopefully winging they way to me:
  • Charlie Wesencraft's Seven Steps to Freedom Wargaming the French and Indian War and the American War of Independence
  • The French-Indian War 1754-1760 from Osprey

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