Friday, 24 April 2015

Solo game of Tyrannies and Space Marines

During the week I found time to set up a quick solo war-game between tyranids and space marines. Out of it can a couple of clarifications to the grid based rules (grid based SciFi Rules).

To start the game the forces were selected for both sides. Eight units each of varying sizes and transports being counted as part of the unit. Then all units except for the warlord, or commander's unit, were dealt a card two units with the highest card values were removed. The idea came from the very clever and simple KISS Rommel rule set.

Both sides took up their positions on the board. The rocky outcrops represented impassible terrain between zones and causing forces to be split.

The space marine flyer was quickly bought into play to harass any tyranid units in the open.

The space marines were able to focus their fire on one tyrannic unit at a time due to poor dice rolls. Early use of interventions to change this bad luck could have made life more difficult for the space marines.

The tyranid flyer proved to be of little value and the marines soon used their fire power to clean up.

All up the game took 30 minutes to play.

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