Monday, 15 June 2015

2nd Battle of the Caracalla campaign

The second battle in the Caracalla campaign was fought in the rocky landscape east of the mining complex Alpha 825, as the Sons of the Swords capitalised on their opening victory.

There were four ammunition stashes in the game with the aim to control these objective zones. In the event of a tie, the side with the most remaining intervention tokens would win. Decisions would have to be made as to whether to conserve interventions or use them to achieve objectives. Control of the centre was to prove important for both sides with two objective at stake.

While on the marines left flank both sides traded shots with casualties being very even and neither side gained an advantage.

Meanwhile in the centre the timely arrival of scouts saw off the remaining orcs troops.

The dreadnaught slogged out a hard won victory seeing off the last real threat, and any orc come from behind victory. Especially with some very poor dice rolls meant the orc reserves did not arrive.

A final last gasp counter attack was repulsed by the command squad and remnants of the tactical squad.

The assault squad finally arrived after victory was assured. Only to lose half the squad to the deff kopters flyers (house rules) which had successfully harassed the marines throughout the game.

The Sons of the Sword now prepare to move one step closer to the Orc home base in this campaign.

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