Sunday, 21 June 2015

Caracalla Campaign Part 3

After two successful engagements the Sons of the Sword were closing in on the Orc's, and their mountain home base. They had spread out their units to track down the Orcs and in doing so quickly came across a small force. Well that is my narrative for rolling low and having a battle with 4 units each side. It could easily been 3 units per side if the rolls for reserves had not been successful.

The Space Marines had the high ground and placed their dreadnaught on the hill to take advantage of increasing its shooting range. While the scouts, using the scout ability, took up position on the Orc left flank in a ruined building.

The Orc war bands all advanced while the Killa Kans quickly eliminated the scout unit with some excellent shooting.

The Razorback came under attack after inflicting a few casualties and was destroyed. At this point the momentum was very much with the Orcs.

Meanwhile in the centre the command squad lead an assault on the 'eavy boyz and after a couple of rounds.

The dreadnaught started to pick off the Killa Kans as they advanced. Finally it started to roll some hits.

After their triumph over the razorback the Orcs charged into a combined Space Marine command squad and squad of planetary defence force. Both sides sustaining losses while the veterans of the command squad won through in the melee.

The Orcs had successfully rolled, prior to the death of their warlord, for a waaagh (the "call to arms" ability in my rules) which allows an additional unit to enter an adjacent zone. The unit charged in with revenge on the minds after seeing their warlord slain. The dreadnaught having destroyed all the Killa Kans arrived to provide additional support, only to take a critical hit straight away, putting pay to any Space Marine comeback.

An Orc win! Prior to the game I had made a couple of rule changes and clarifications. The main change was to the vehicle damage chart so vehicles and monstrous creatures are shaken on a 4 or 5 and not just a 5.

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