Tuesday, 22 December 2015

One Hour Wargames WW2 and AWI

I am still working on an AWI one-hour wargame rule variant for a 6" gridded table. I have had a couple of test games (one with my son who has returned for Christmas) and all seems to be falling in to place. I'm hoping to type up my notes over the holidays and put them in my next blog.

WW2 project - not a good picture

On the painting side I have made a good start with my WW2 20mm project for some more one-hour wargaming. Although progress will slow down with all the Christmas activities.


  1. every hand made modelism ww2 _ http://einealtekriegsspiel.blogspot.com.ar/

    1. Hi, Thank you for the link. A fascinating range of scratch built models, and quite a collection! Cheers, Peter