Thursday, 6 October 2016

WW2 campaign comes to an end

With the table set up for my WW2 gaming, it was a simple decision to play out the final game of the campaign. The campaign has turned out to be well balanced with this last game being the deciding game. The odds of a win were in favour of the Commonwealth forces who had sufficient supplies to launch one final major attack.
The final attack of the campaign and the winner takes all
The dice rolls for number of available units also went well for the Commonwealth forces scoring 12 on three average dice plus 12 the standard number for an attacking force. The Germans fared less well scoring 5 plus 6 the standard number for defenders.

The dice generated terrain provided a strong defensive position for the German defenders. So not every thing was going the attackers way and their position was bolstered by minefields and a strong point.

While lacking units the Germans have a strong defensive position
The Commonwealth forces quickly moved forward with a armoured infantry and tanks on their left flank and pushed infantry units forward on the opposite flank. Avoiding the central strong point. Air support arrived early and proved very effective eliminating both a Jagdpanther unit and German artillery support, leaving the armoured attack to quickly force the defensive lines. German reserves arrived, but were quickly swept away and the game became a foregone result.

German defenders wait for the onslaught 
Air support played a decisive role in the attack 
The defensive line quickly succumbed to the attack
On the opposite flank infantry started to clear out the defenders
Too few reserves arrived to stem the attack
A victory to Commonwealth forces - battle and campaign

The campaign has turned out to be well balanced (possibly a good dose of luck in there) and I will be setting up another one soon. First I need to sit back and think through: what worked, what did not, and what changes would be beneficial.


  1. Peter,
    Good to see the Commonwealth having the final win and close out the Germans to take the overall Campaign. As you say now is a time to reflect on the mechanics of the Battles and update/ make changes to your Home-grown rules...have enjoyed the series that you have presented- most enjoyable. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Thanks KEV. I already have a list, but not too long. Regards, Peter

  2. A close-fought campaign and the good guys won. Congrats and well done Peter. It was a pleasure to read and view the pics, and the tactical, force-selection, terrain-layout and campaign rules all are very interesting and chock full of ideas to steal. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi John, I am glad it has provided some ideas. Thank you for your comments. regards, Peter