Saturday, 1 October 2016

ACW weekend - Murfreesboro games

This weekend I have been able to get in two ACW games. The first game used the Murfreesboro scenario from the Battle Cry website as the source. With a little bit of work I can map the hex grid to my square grid tabletop and I keep the selection of units from the scenario.

There are a lot of scenarios available on the site to work through and keep me occupied with ACW games. I have not done a count, but my guess there are 30 of more.

Confederates (red) and Union (blue)
The rivers are all fordable to infantry and cavalry, but not artillery. Units on a river square reduce the dice rolled by one for shooting. (The house rules on tab above).

The game was a marginal victory to the Confederates, who after managing to hold the centre were able to push back the defending Union forces on their right flank.

Beginning of the game

Early stages of the game as Confederate forces advance
Later stage of the game as the Confederate flank push back Union defenders
The second game used a slightly different set up, which was based upon the map from "Introduction to Battlegaming" by Terry Wise. The first wargaming book I ever owned. The board has less terrain and the Confederates get an addition artillery unit.

Introduction to Battlegaming - Murfreesboro
The tactics were the same for both games, Confederate forces advancing and holding the centre while their right flank pushed forward, and the result was the same.

Having less terrain made the Union lines of defence much clearer, and I thought at one point they were going to succeed and successfully fend off the advancing Confederates. Who were only able to push home their attacks at the end by using their commanders to increase their combat capability, at the risk of losing them.

Mid-way through the game on the Confederate right flank
The rules continue to work ok, and there were no modifications other than making all rivers fordable for these games.


  1. Peter,
    Very interesting Scenarios that you have chosen for the 15mm ACW- very nicely set out too. The book- Introduction To Battlegaming holds a bit of special interest - way back in the mid 1980's Terrence Wise of the UK bought all the remaining copies of my Book- on Colonial Scratch Modelling- which I had published and sold mainly around the Sydney Metro Area. At that time Terrence was the owner of 'Athena Books'. There is a bit of Trivia for you. Regards. KEV.

    1. Hi KEV, I will not be lacking for scenarios for a while. I do plan to try a campaign as my WW2 campaign is nearing its end. Looking forward to seeing your scratch built WW1 tank in action in the garden. Regards, Peter

    2. Peter- Have just completed the second British Tank to-day _Please see Blog)...I'm a long way off yet from gaming in the Garden...though it is going to be just fine. Regards. KEV.

  2. Terry wise book is a gem. I like the presentation of comparative battles.

    1. Hi Norm, Yes it is a gem of a book. It got me hooked onto wargaming as a young lad. The ideas for converting and terrain were so inspiring because they were mostly supported by photos of the models. I was not planning to rerun the game, but I could not resist and play a game from this book. Regards, Peter

  3. Looks really sharp, Peter.
    Seems like another good basis for a campaign, if you were so inclined.

    1. Hi John, I will most likely end up with a campaign as it will present an opportunity to introduce some sea war-game elements with Ironclads. Regards, Peter