Saturday, 17 June 2017

6x6 Challenge - 19th Century Game 1

The first game of my 6x6 19th Century Imagi-Nations challenge has been played out. The mapless campaign approach can be found here in an earlier post.

The first battle of the campaign was always going to be a small engagement with both sides fielding up to 6 units. The type of terrain was rolled for and Scailand Plains was the result. Scailand being the disputed territory which Greater Novia and Ustoria are fighting over.

The plains terrain consists of 2 x hills, 2 x buildings and 2 x woods, which were randomly placed on a 4x4 foot tabletop with the aid of dice rolls.

Using game setup rules heavily based upon those from Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe by Neil Thomas. The forces and their arrival, or non-arrival, were decided:

Ustoria Forces

  • 4 x infantry
  • 1 x artillery (the second artillery unit had been bogged and was unable to arrive)

Greater Novia Forces

  • 3 x infantry (1 unit to arrive after game turn 2)
  • 1 x cavalry
  • 2 x artillery (1 unit to arrive after game turn 2)

To the game...

Greater Novia cavalry scouting on the flank
Both sides close in for action and to occupy their objectives
Novian forces prepare for the first Ustorian assault. Meanwhile, their cavalry move around on the right flank.
Novian re-enforcements arrive just as the Ustoran attack starts to take shape.
Novian flanking cavalry are seen off by the building defenders and artillery. This redirected artillery fire from the main assault which failed to make any headway.
Novian forces successfully counter attacked and won the day with 50% of Ustorian units lost

This a campaign is of public opinion so victories are not the end all and be all of the games, but they do help by inflicting losses on the opposition.

Greater Novia Public Opinion - reduced to 45%

  • Loss of 5% for their lost unit - no saved rolled.
Ustoria Public Opinion - reduced to 40%
  • Loss of 15% public opinion as there were no saves rolled post game for 3 lost units
  • Plus 5% for a valiant defence with featured in the Ustorian Times paper with lithographs

USTORIAN TIMES - Our Valiant Lads see off enemy cavalry before an orderly retirement


  1. Really like this. Great looking table and figures. Brilliant ideas.

  2. Thanks Mark. The old Spencer Smith miniatures when painted and shinny have come up better than I expected.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. It turned out to be an interesting campaign.