Sunday, 4 June 2017

Started painting French Indian Wars units

This week I have merrily started painting units for my next project French Indian Wars. As mentioned in a recent post I had sorted through an old collection of Spencer Smith 30mm plastic miniatures I came by through a swap.

A couple of French infantry units

The miniatures have limited detail on them which allows for a very quick - toy soldier style - painting. One with I am really enjoying at the moment.

I am sticking with large 4x3 inch bases as they fit nicely into a 6 inch gridded table-top, make for easy movement of troops when gaming, and aesthetically allow for a reasonable number of miniatures to be based on them.

British light infantry - they were originally American Civil War figures
While I have been painting away, I am trying to decide what type of rules or style of rules to go with. I do have a set of American War of Independence (AWI) grid-based rules I use, which started out as a variant of One-Hour Wargaming rules. But I would rather play with a different style of rules, and  have a different gaming experience. Otherwise there would be too much similarity between the games.

My thoughts so far are to take either Pikeman's Lament or The Men Who Would Be Kings rulesets and adjust them to fit the mid 1700's period. My medieval games are based upon the Lion Rampant rules adjusted to a grid, and I really enjoy the style of rules.

Of the two games I suspect moving the Pikeman's lament to a later period may be the way to go.


  1. Peter,
    Your painting of the French Infantry and British Light Infantry 30mm Spencer Smith troops are superb- well done! Looking forward to future developments of your NEW Project. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Hi KEV. I do like the style of miniatures. Inspiration for this project comes from pictures in Donald Featherstone's Wargaming Campaigns of a French Indian War game. Thanks Peter

  2. Simple old figures do have a charm of their own when painted up. I'll be interested in seeing what sort of rules and scenarios you come up with.

    1. The Spencer Smith miniatures do have something about them that makes them appealing. Detail is minimal and this provides a lot of freedom to the painter. I will be pondering the rules as I paint. I recon I will have 3-4 months to think some up based on my painting speed.