Wednesday 21 November 2018

ECW Campaign - Game 10 Report

Parliament leadership decided to contest for control of the East Midlands. Recruiting between the rival factions had been fairly even with both sides fielding almost identical forces, Parliament had the slight advantage of one additional infantry unit. These forces clashed near the town of Irchester at Bakeman's farm. The battle began at the gentlemanly hour of 11am.

Looking down the tabletop
Parliamentarian forces have secured Bakeman's farm 
Royalist line at 11am
Initial deployments
When setting up this game, somewhat late in the day, I made a mistake of allowing the larger Parliamentarian force select the side and setup first. Normally it would have been the smaller force. I didn't realise until halfway through the game and decided to keep going with the game as forces were pretty much evenly matched.

The couple of woods in at the centre were going to breakup both sides battle lines and create a series of individual battles. As the Royalist commander made the first move.

Royalist cavalry push forward
On the other flank Royalist dragoons move onto the hill and engage in musketry with forces around Bakeman's farm.  Parliamentary reserve cavalry move around in support.
Both sides used there commanded shot to occupy woods and support their advancing infantry centres.
Dragoons harass Royalist cavalry while their cavalry move up.
The bulk of Royalist cavalry charge forward to meet the advancing Parliamentarian cavalry.
On the other flank Parliament cavalry prepare to charge forward, but the dragoons were quick to spot the danger and retired back to the Royalist centre line.
By late afternoon the tide seemed to be with Parliament.
The cavalry engagement was going Parliament's way as the reserve Royalist unit prepares to charge in.
A minor Royalist victory on the flank as they win the cavalry engagement. 
Royalists push forward with their cavalry and infantry on the other flank. All of a sudden Parliament forces are looking shaky.
Royalist cavalry mop up the Dragoons. While in the centre units with ammunition continue to exchange musket fire.
As dusk closed in fighting was very uncoordinated. Some Royalist infantry were able to advance and capture Parliamentarian artillery. 
Parliament resolve faltered and their units began retiring. Leaving the field of battle to Royalist forces as night closed in.
So a minor victory to the Royalist forces. This was an important victory which will give them control of the East Midland region. If they win Cornwall, the last region to be contested, in the next battle they will be in a strong position going into 1643.

Battle movements


  1. Jolly good stuff mate. Nice to see the King's forces doing well.

    1. Thank you kindly. It does appear they are going to have the advantage as we see out 1642. If they win Cornwall they will certainly extend that advantage.

  2. A hard fought battle! Nice to see the Royalist cavalry putting in a decent showing for once, not that I'm cheering for either side.

    1. Yes, a good showing by Royalist cavalry after being somewhat ineffective in the last few games.

  3. This was a good scrap, Peter! Does the King's Army get points for capturing artillery?

    I continue to marvel at the number of games crossing your table. To me, your pace is astounding.

    1. No points for capturing the artillery as I am viewing these battles to control the regions as being smaller scale battles with locally recruited forces. But something to consider in 1643 when the marching armies come into play.
      My games take about an hour to play, not including the setup, so I am often able to fit a game in at the end of the day after work and chores.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the 1643 Onwards rules sometime (mostly because I fancy poaching this campaign system and adapting it to my own rules and figures :) )

  5. With one game to go in 1642 I had better put pen to paper and pull together the various ideas for marching armies. I am enjoying seeing your paper armies do battle on your blog.

  6. Well hardly a resounding victory for the King, but a win none the less. At least it appears the Campaign will extend into 1643!