Tuesday, 9 July 2019

19th Century Imagi-Nations Game

Over the last weekend I was able to play a 19th Century Imagi-Nations game. The main purpose for playing the game was to try out the smoke rule mechanism, where the effectiveness of shooting is reduced if the shooting unit fired in the previous turn.

A black and white photo midway through the game
To help determine the tabletop layout "Introduction to Battle Gaming" by Terry Wise provided the inspiration with its imaginary ACW battle of Centreville. However, a version of Centreville would be transposed to the disputed territory of Scailand where the Ustorian monarchy and the Novian states are fighting for control.

Tabletop layout
The order of battle was determined using the approach used in the chapter Wargaming Scenarios from "Wargaming Nineteenth Century" by Neil Thomas.

Ustorian Forces
  • 5 x Infantry
  • 1 x Skirmishers
  • 2 x Cavalry (reduced to 1)
  • 2 x Artillery (reduced to 1)
Unfortunately due to recent rain a Ustorian artillery unit and cavalry unit became bogged and failed to reach the battle.

Novian Forces
  • 5 x Infantry (1 on flank move)
  • 2 x Skirmishers (1 on flank move)
  • 1 x Cavalry (flank move)
  • 2 x Artillery
Part of the Novian force on a flank march and will join the battle on turn 6 from a tabletop edge determined by a dice roll.

Ustorian forces start the game with an advantage in numbers, but must make that advantage count in the first 6 turns before the remaining Novian units arrive on one of their flanks.

Ustorian forces deployed
Novian forces arrive
The bulk of Ustorian forces are deployed on their left
Both sides exchange fire along the river as both forces advanced
The centre hill is pivotal to the Novian defence until their flanking units arrive
Ustoran forces move across the bridge as their cavalry rush to the right flank to cross the river
Ustorian forces line the river bank in an attempt to clear away Novian defenders. In the background Novian artillery can be seen repositioning to the centre hill after taking some punishing fire.
Novian reserves arrive on the flank. While in the centre Ustorian cavalry having crossed the river charge into the forward Novian infantry.
Ustorian cavalry charge in and will rout the Novian infantry.
On the other flank Ustorian forces are repositioning their infantry to counter the Novian flanking force.
The Novian centre is at risk even with additional support from their repositioned artillery unit.
Novian flanking forces cross the river at a ford, and their cavalry rush to support a struggling centre.
Novian centre forces are being whittled down.
Ustorian forces desperately try to take the centre and bolster their right flank.
Relief arrives for the Novian centre.
Flanking Novian forces are looking threatening.
The Novian centre holds it ground as the Ustorian attack begins to falter.
Novian cavalry make short work of the defending skirmishers.
It is all over for the Ustorian forces.
A most enjoyable solo game. Ustorian forces were unable to use their small numbers advantage before Novian reserve arrived on the flank. As for the smoke rule mechanism? This worked out well, allowing fresh units entering combat get a definite advantage without it being overpowering.


  1. Good BatRep. Will you be maintaining the Smoke Rule in future games?

    1. Thanks, yes I will be keeping the rule.

  2. Really enjoyable table and game.

    1. Thank you. It was an enjoyable game to play.

  3. Great report Peter. I especially like the B&W image which is very evocative.

    1. Thanks, the B&W photos do take your mind back to those borrowed library books on wargaming.