Thursday, 10 October 2019

ECW Campaign moves

The last campaign game (Battle of Fernhurst) was a drawn game. Rather than proceed to the next campaign turn where the Royalist cause would be able to march upon and contest a region, we will return to the South Coast region to finalise the outcome of Parliament marching on the South Coast. This is not in the campaign rules, but seems a fair way to deal with drawn games.

Both sides were allowed to re-roll one of their troop types to see if they could improve their order of battle. This represented additional reserves received or units which had been held up on the march and were unable to enter the previous battle. Neither side was able to increase their force strength after a couple of poor D3 dice rolls and the order of battle remains:

Parliament's Forces

  • 4 Foot
  • 1 Commanded Shot
  • 4 Horse

Royalist Forces

  • 5 Foot
  • 1 Commanded Shot
  • 2 Dragoon
  • 3 Horse
  • 2 Guns 

Campaign map showing the actions in the south coast region
Campaign cards were drawn for the game. Both sides already held cards which will last this campaign year 1645. This turn each side received one time only cards:

  • Parliament's luck was not improving and they now have some jealously happening within their command structures and as a consequence will reduce the turn activations by one. (Note: game rules allows a commander to activate up to the number of friendly units they can see within 12". A unit need not be seen to be activated. This rules tries to encourage commanders to be well positioned to stops forces becoming too dispersed across the tabletop.)
  • Royalists get to refresh the ammunition of one infantry unit when they run out of ammunition.

Campaign cards are dealt.
Next terrain cards were dealt. Parliament with the smaller force selects the side they want to deploy. They used their one card change and choose to swap the field and broken ground cards around. The Royalist choice was to have the stream split the table and tabletop deployment. Possibly hoping to isolate part of the Parliamentarian force, particularly the horse units, and use their numbers to attain victory.

Initial terrain cards
Parliament chose side (blue arrow) as they have the small force. Both sides opted to swap and turn a card.
This battle will occur near the parish of Lurgashall, 4 miles South East of Fernhurst the site of the last battle. I just need to finish off the Napoleonic game currently occupying the tabletop and play the game this weekend.


  1. This may be decisive if Parliament cannot gain victory. Looking forward to the battle.

    1. If they are lucky they may get through 1645 without the loss of any regions.

  2. Catching up to the action... we will see where this battle leads!

    1. It is an important battle which will make the 1645 campaign year either a poor year or a bad year for Parliament.