Wednesday 23 November 2022

Two new books arrive

Two new books arrived during the week. Both are welcome additions to my ever increasing library of Wargaming books. I am currently reading through the Xeno Rampant as quickly as I can with the intention of having a game with it at the weekend. It is a good job I completed that Sci-Fi themed backboard a coupe of weeks ago.

From what I have gleaned from the book so far the rules are geared to a 4x4 foot tabletop with 3-10 units and be most suitable for getting my under utilised W40K figures into a game. The size of the games remind me of when I first started playing 40K with my son, where we both fielded a handful of units along with a vehicle or monster (I liked the Tyranids) and an elite unit.

The recent arrivals

If I get the time I will then see if I can get a commando raid on to the tabletop, but if the weather is fine I will be making some siege engines to go with my recently completed Medieval castle.

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