Saturday, 4 July 2015

Caracalla campaign part 4

Following their previous defeat at the hands of the Orcs, a new Space Marine leader was appointed to replace the severely wounded Commander Enbane.

Captain Phoras with is command squad and command vehicle assess their position prior to the battle.

The battle was fought over hilly terrain. The Marines took up position with a devastator squad on the hill which would allow them an additional zone when shooting.

The Orc Morkanaut led the charge on the Space Marine positions on their left flank and was quickly put out of action. Taking advantage of the confusion the command squad advanced and took up position with its accompanying Razorback in the trees.

The Orc onslaught continued as they charged into the Space Marine held wood supported by a group of Killa Kans.

Fighting was fierce and a squad of jet bikes provided timely support to the hard pressed command squad.

The loss of the Dread-Knight was a blow to the Space Marines and the battle was evenly poised.

On the right  flank a tactical squad took up position and engaged the 'eavy boys while seeking cover amongst a rock outcrop.

Captain Phoras mounted up in the Razorback moved into the centre to occupy an objective zone, its twin linked auto cannons blasting away at nearby Orcs.

Back on the left flank the Orc attack started to falter as fire from the devastator squad which destroyed the Killa Kans. After seeing off the 'eavy team the tactical squad mounted up on a Rhino and with other Space Marine vehicles killed of the remaining Orcs. The victory laurels went to Captain Phoras.

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