Saturday, 21 November 2015

Trying out new tree purchases and Samurai by Minifigs

This is a short post having very recently returned from a two week trip to Japan, and feeling the effects of three connecting plane flights with many hours waiting in airports.
Statue of the great samurai Kusunoki Masashige outside Tokyo's imperial palace
On the trip I saw a model railway shop and popped in and picked up some "N" gauge trees for $15 AUD. At $1.50 per tree it seemed a good buy and importantly - no worries for luggage weight travelling home. I'll be using them more for individual trees along roads with no influence on the games, just to provide a bit of variety to my homemade trees and add to the look of the table.
With no wargaming for two weeks I thought I'd start with a WW1 game (and obviously using my tree purchases). This time I thought I'd try a OHW game using the length of the table to allow for defence in depth.
New tree purchases for a WW1 game
While I am in the very early stages of painting up my AWI miniatures, I was thinking about painting up a few Minifigs samurai I found to play a skirmish game. I plan to use the Song of Blades and Heroes rules by Ganesha Games. which I bought awhile back and have yet to use. The idea came about as I was travelling through Japan (no surprises there) and I should have enough Samurai and Ashigaru to create a couple of 10-15 strong warbands. Generally, I try and stick with one project at a time, but this time I'm thinking it could be quite fun (and quick) to paint 20 figures and add to them gradually to provide a break now and again to the planned painting of some 400 AWI figures.
A selection of some Minifig Samurai

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