Sunday, 8 November 2015

AWI armies and grid-based sci-fi rules

I'm starting to organise to begin the painting journey for my AWI miniatures. I'm short of cavalry, grenadiers, and standards and have a few ideas to address these shortfalls with the use of green-stuff (or some other modelling material).  I'm hoping to get some time in a few weeks to sit down and really give the project a kick-start.

This week I've started to update my existing grid-based sci-fi house rules, and have been playing a couple of games to test out the changes.  I still need to sit down to proof read the changes, make clarifications, and provide some examples.
A game in progress using updates to the grid-based sci-fi rules
I really enjoyed playing One-Hour Wargaming based rules for my WW1 games. They worked well for that period and when changing periods and using another set of rules, there is always the temptation to replicate aspects of them in other rulesets. The Sci-Fi games I play are large scale skirmish, so need to reflect a much more chaotic and fast moving game. To create uncertainty the house rules I use have variable number of actions, units making multiple actions, reactions and interventions.

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