Sunday, 29 May 2016

WW2 Mini-Campaign

For my WW2 mini-campaign I am going with a territorial style campaign, where a simple map marked into zones will be used to track how well either force is progressing.

Attacks alternate or moves between sides. When attacking a side declares the target zone adjacent to a zone it currently occupies (diagonal attacks are not allowed). If there is no force occupying the zone it is occupied without a game. However, it the zone is occupied by the opposing side, then a game is then played. If the attacking side is successful, it occupies the declared zone.

The game ends when both sides have consumed all their supplies.

Campaign Map (somewhere in Normandy 1944)

Supplies are consumed whenever an attack is made. There are two types of attacks, a limited attack or an all out assault attack. The former costs 200 supply point and the latter 400 supply points. Choosing an all out attack allows the attacking side to have more units at their disposal in a game and increase the chances of success.

The side which gains the most territory after both sides have consumed all their supplies wins.

The map zone being attacked will influence the tabletop terrain, along with some dice throwing. I am planning for games to be played on a 4' by 4' table.

The Commonwealth Forces will now have a recently completed 17 Pdr.
How I set up terrain and determine force sizes and how they become available during a game will be in the next post later this week.


  1. Interesting - will each side start by occupying 50% of the map?

    1. Hi Norm, The occupied zones will be uneven at the start. The side with fewer occupied zones will have additional supply points to compensate, at one and a half additional points for each zone. Cheers, Peter