Sunday, 22 May 2016

Plans to kit bash a 17 Pdr AT gun

Not much wargaming or modelling happening this week with a long weekend visit to Wellington, NZ, for my daughters graduation. We were very happy and very proud parents. While in Wellington I did pop into the local model store which I used to frequent when I lived there before returning to Melbourne, and purchased a Bren Gun Carrier and 6 Pdr AT Gun, 25 Pdr Gun and Quad, and Matador and 5.5 Inch Gun.

My NZ purchases
I will be using the 25 Pdr Gun and 5.5 Inch Guns to kit bash a 17 Pdr AT Gun. The Bren Gun Carrier was more of an impulse purchase as another one will always be a useful addition.


  1. Look forward to seeing that. Congratulations to your daughter.

  2. Thanks Norm, I'm halfway through building the 17 Pdr and taking pictures. Should be posted by end of week.