Thursday, 5 May 2016

Testing out activation mechanism for SciFi rules

I am continuing to mess around with my activation mechanism for the SciFi rules. Having opted for option 2 (as described in my previous post) where I roll an extra "Turn" dice when rolling for control, and ending the turn if a 1 is rolled. I have now played a couple of games and the "Turn" dice is working for me. Additionally, when a 6 is rolled the player winning control can either remove an activation from a unit, potentially allowing a unit two actions in a turn, or add 2 extra dice when attacking (an increased weapon strength suggested by Kaptain Kobold). These help add some little surprises when playing solo games.

A couple of pictures from one of the games.
A test game in progress - Space Marines vs. Necrons
A final show down between commanders


  1. Did you find you got many turns where one side had activations and the other didn't, or where neither side did much? How many uits per side were you using?

    I like your rewards for rolling a '6'; the possible extra move is a nasty surprise for an opponent :)

    Of course, having shown pictures of your Necrons in action, you'll have to share your stats for them :)

  2. The number of units per side was approximately 10-13 as both armies are quite tough. For the space marines I had an army attribute of commander (your idea - thanks) where they always won drawn player control rolls. The games lasted around 20 turns so there was a mix of very short, one activation, and all units activated turns. Picking up on the use of an army attributes, for Tyranids - I will be having hordes attribute where they can activate 2 units if they gain control with a 5 or 6. I will post Necro lists in the next few days.
    Cheers Peter