Saturday, 14 May 2016

Wargaming scenery a cheap girder bridge

As I plan the setup of a WW2 mini-campaign I will definitely require a couple of bridges, which I do not have for 20mm models. So while I workout my campaign approach I have started to make a very cheap and simple girder bridge from balsa wood and a lick of paint. There are no fiddly girders with this model. Here are the steps and pictures...

Step 1 - Cut out the base and glue to some cardboard. Once set, cut out the sides, I stuck two bits of balsa wood together to provide some additional thickness. I also stuck two strips of balsa wood on the base where you would expect vehicle wheels to travel.

Step 2 - Paint all over with PVA glue. You may need to bend back into shape when dry as the balsa can warp.

Step 3 - Paint a base grey all over.

Step 4 - Paint the girder area a dark grey (not black as its too stark).

Step 5 - Paint in the girders

Step 6 - Using watered down dark grey painting in details, but not all details, just enough to give the impression of detail.

Step 7 - Seal or varnish.

The final product in use (well staged for use). Price $2 AUD for the balsa wood and there is enough left over for another bridge.
German Reconnaissance crossing the bridge over the dark blue vinyl river

Just another photo with British this time showing a model does fit on the bridge


  1. Brilliant, I want one of those! Cheers Jay

    1. Thanks Jay - Next up another bridge and some houses to replace the 15mm ones I have been using. Regards, Peter

  2. Looks great, Peter. Well done.

    1. Thanks John - Yesterday I started on my second bridge. I think two should be sufficient. Regards, Peter