Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Playing around with SciFi rules

Over the last week I have been working through some light weight science fiction rules. Most of my focus has been on the movement and combat side of rules, and adding different activation mechanisms. First from Ganesha Games Swatters rules and later from Tank on Tank by Lock ’N Load Publishing.  I like both mechanisms and will probably switch between the two in the future. 

Space Marines advance upon buildings defended by Orks
Anyway, I have written up the rules based around the Tank on Tank activation using their solo approach for activation with dice rather than drawing chits. They can be found on the above tab.

Snipers support a Space Marine advance
I will come back to these rules in a while with a fresh set of eyes. Which is something I will be doing tomorrow with some grid-based ACW house rules influenced by one-hour wargames.

ACW game setup ready for a game tomorrow


  1. I was playing a face-to-face tank on tank game a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the activation system. It does help remove certainty and ther solitaire suggestion looks a good implementation. You could always give one side a +1 on the die roll for superior command etc, if that became an issue.

  2. When playing solo, which is most of the time, the randomness of activation does add to some tension in the game. The tank on tank mechanism does lend itself to easy adjustment with the suggested +1. Regards, Peter