Wednesday, 12 April 2017

19th Century paining and HYW campaign moves

The painting continues with the 19th Century project with two artillery units wrapped up this week, as I start preparing the next infantry unit. I am getting close to being able to play a small game, most likely using One-Hour Wargaming rules as a starting point.

Latest additions to 19th Century Imagi-Nations
The forces are starting to come together ready for a small game
The other side in need of some cavalry and not just dragoons 
Over this Easter weekend I am hoping to complete a couple more Hundred Years War games, and may even be able to complete the campaign.  The last game was a draw so the next game was always going to be a rematch. The question was would either side be bolstered by some additional forces arriving. The dice answered that question - No. Although another part of the French is starting to close in.
A repeat battle will now take place


  1. Having a project reach the "gameable" position is a great day, indeed! Nice collection!

    1. Thank you. The painting always seems to get easier once you know there are enough units to have a game.