Saturday, 1 April 2017

6x6 gaming challenge - progress

As we have reached the end of another month in the six-by-six wargaming challenge set by Kaptain Kobold. The aim is to play, and record in a post, at least six individual games of each of your chosen six rules or boardgames. (All is explained here). I find my gaming progress has slowed this month partly due to my current 19th Century Image-Nations project, and a little gaming diversion into a couple of WW2 games to test out some rule changes. Anyway here is the state of play and a couple of photos of a recent completed unit all looking very shiny.

Some ex-ACW Confederates with a white plume added for the 19th Century Image-Nations collection

6x6 Challenge:
  • One Hour Wargames (Tank-on-Tank) SciFi Variant - 6 games completed in February
  • Dark Ages with Dux Bellorum (Osprey) - 6 games completed in January using paper armies
  • WW2 Naval (Pz8 rules) - not yet started.
  • WW1 OHW - not yet started
  • Galleys and Galleons (Ganesha Games) - purchased "Wargame the Spanish Armada 1588" by Peter Dennis for the paper models. I now need to make these up.
  • Hundred Years War using Lion Rampant (Osprey) - 6 games completed as part of a series of campaign games. While the challenge is complete, I am continuing with the campaign as it is turning out to be a most enjoyable campaign.
Shiny Spencer-Smith plastic figures in a column (very much the toy soldier look for Image-Nation armies)


  1. Your new recruits are nice and shiny! With the plume, they remind me either of mid-19th Century Austrian jaegers or Italian Bersaglieri.

    1. There is a definite resemblance as I was looking on google for images of 1860 uniforms with brimmed hats. From memory I think it was images of Italian Bersaglieri that were the source of inspiration.