Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Paper ships

To break up the painting of my 19th century units I am trying out two approaches for creating some  paper galleons. I am using pictures provided in "Wargame the Spanish Armada 1588" by Peter Dennis. The first approach used balsa wood between the front and back printed pictures and the second just cardboard.

First approach using balsa wood to provide stiffness 
Second approach using cardboard from a cereal packet
I am going with the cardboard approach as I am able to cut a groove in the MDF base with a small saw into which I can slot the ship. The balsa wood was too thick to easily slot in. Cardboard also has the advantage of being much easier to cut and shape. Yet is still sufficiently stiff to stand up to wargaming handling and the quickly packing up wear and tear (throwing in a box).

Over the remainder of this week and weekend I should produce enough ships of different types to start my next 6x6 game challenge using the Galleys and Galleons rules.

And finally, another 19th century image-nation unit was also completed. I believe I am just under half way to completing sufficient units to have a small game. Especially if I split the units and treat a single base as a unit with One-Hour Wargaming rules.

In column formation
In line formation


  1. I've just made up a few of the Armada ships and was pleasantly surprised how stiff the results were with two thicknesses of 120gsm paper plus PVA glue.

  2. The heavier paper does work well especially with a coat of that magic PVA glue - forever using the stuff. Thanks

  3. Another fine looking 19C unit for your project, Peter! Nice looking ships too.

    1. Thank you. As much as I enjoy the simple style of painting for these units I will be glad to complete them. As for the ships, I like the drawing style and have taken quite a liking to flats as cheap and quick way of getting units for a game.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. I am looking forward to getting them on to the table for a game.