Sunday, 4 March 2018

Preparing for an ECW project

This weekend I finally dug out by English Civil War (ECW) collection of Hinchcliffe figures. I started collecting them when I was 13 or 14 years old and slowly added to them each year until I was 16 years. During that time I made a number of (unsuccessful) attempts at painting them with different styles. They all got packed up when I left home in the UK and later became part of my baggage to Australia, New Zealand and back to Australia. So this year I finally intend to paint them up. This being my first collection of metal figures.

Unboxed and unwrapped after many decades
So having unwrapped them all and laid them out, I discovered I have approximately:

  • 70 Pike
  • 70 Musket
  • 14 Dragoon foot with 10 mounted dragoon
  • 65 Horse
  • 4 Artillery

The artillery I have purchased over the last two years in preparation for this project.

My plans, given my preference for wargaming on a gridded tabletop using 6 inch squares, will be to base the units on 4x3 inch stands. This size of base will accommodate 10 foot or 4 mounted quite nicely. This approach will give be per side:

  • 7 Foot units
  • 2 Dragoon units
  • 7 Mounted units
  • 2 Artillery units

I may also add to these figures as the figures are still available. Additions will be to add variety as fielding all those units on my 6x4 foot tabletop will make any game too congested.

Possible mounted unit basing
Possible foot unit basing
I estimate it will take about 8-10 months to complete this project. Presently the figures are soaking in a paint-stripper solution for a week or so, before they getting blasted with a high-pressure water hose.

All in the metal bucket waiting for paint-stripper to be poured over
As for rules I am not totally sure. I have a copy of Pikeman's Lament and could use dice to mark casualties. I took this approach with Lion Rampant and adjusted the rules to a grid which provided me with a campaign and many enjoyable games. But I will also take a One Hour Wargames approach for larger battles, having read a number of interesting battle reports by Kaptain Kobold using an ECW OHW variation on The Stronghold Rebuilt.


  1. Peter, you probably know this already, but a blogger started a similar project last year and the journey via his archive of posts is really interesting.


  2. This will be a fun project to watch grow.

    1. I have yet to decide what style to paint them.

  3. Peter- Your Hinchcliffe ECW Project is certainly an interesting persuit- will be great for you to soon present finished ECW armies after a long break from you teenage years of collecting the figures. All the best- and hope the paint stipper does its job. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Hi KEV. Looking forward to the day I finish painting them and get them on the tabletop for a game. Thanks, Peter

  4. I look forward to seeing this project develop, I love the Hinchliffe ECW range and currently have approx 800 of them. They have so much character. Should you need more recruits the range is still available from Ian Hinds of Hinds Figures Ltd (UK), he has remoulded the entire range and the castings are crisp and clean.

    Good luck with it,

    1. Thanks Lee. I have seen your blog about creating your ECW armies. Absolutely wonderfully painted and stunningly all grouped together. I will be adding a few extra figures this month as there is a sale on.