Sunday, 2 February 2020

Preparing the next ECW campaign game

The English Civil War campaign is gradually coming to a close with 1646. The last battle fought was at Dunnington, June 1646, which turned out to be a minor victory to the Royalist cause. Three months later in September a small Royalist force was hastily recruited and marched along the South coast. Their progress was blocked by a stronger Parliamentarian near the market town of Bishop's Waltham.

Royalist force march on the South Coast
The campaign cards were drawn. Parliament already hold one card for the whole year and will gain a rousing sermon in the coming battle. Whilst the Royalists army is poorly supplied.

Campaign cards (Parliament left and Royalist right)
Following the campaign cards the terrain cards were drawn to determine the tabletop layout.

The orders of battle were decided by dice and are as follows.

Royalist forces:

  • 4 Foot Units
  • 3 Horse Units
  • 1 Dragoon Unit
Parliament forces:
  • 5 Foot Units
  • 5 Horse Units
  • 2 Dragoon Units
  • 1 Commanded Shot Unit
  • 1 Artillery Unit
Parliament look to be well placed for this battle, which may well be the last or penultimate game of the campaign. 

However before starting the game, the current the tabletop setup is for some 1/300 WW2 North Africa games. I have been adding to the terrain features, and this weekend I had another go at some desert scrub having bought some stick-on grass tufts during the week. They were applied to some painted felt around the edges so not to interfere with the model's placement. In addition I made some improved positions and fortified positions using triangular shaped wooded dowel.

A couple of improved position and scrub nearby.
A fortified position uses two improved position features back to back, saving the need to create another terrain piece.

Fortified position.


  1. Now those (ECW) odds are the sort of odds I like!

    1. The odds are certainly in favour of Parliament.

  2. Your campaign looks to be interesting and love the new terrain pieces for the Western Desert:)

    1. I am looking forward to getting back to the ECW campaign and finishing it this month, all being well. The Western Desert terrain is now ready for a few more games.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing Parliament give the Royalists a good pasting. Nice desert terrain.

    1. In this game Parliament are well position, which is quite the reverse of the campaign situation.

  4. The terrain looks very tidy and together, Peter.

    Regards, Chris.

    1. Thanks. I try to get a consistent look with my scratch build terrain. Although that does mean the odd miss-step and redoing of features. Regards, Peter