Sunday, 11 July 2021

Ancients Campaign - Turn 1

A week ago the Punic Campaign began with a naval battle game. The loser of the game would have to make the first campaign moves. The winner having the advantage of moving second after see their opponents moves. The campaign rules can be found here.

The opening game was a naval battle would determine Rome as the losing side would make the first campaign turn moves.

The campaign starts with Carthaginians having armies in Spain and Africa and the Romans with armies in Northern and Southern Italy. The armies are shown as circles, green for Carthage and red for Rome. The green square is for Hannibal and there will be a red square for Scipio the Younger. These are exceptional leaders who can influence battles.

Opening campaign positions

Armies move between the regions. Any number can move between regions joined by red arrows. When moving across seas between regions, shown by blue arrows, only one army can move across. The stacking limits are 3 armies.

The opening moves

The Romans decided to recruit in Northern Italy, shown with an "R", and have two armies march into Spain. While another army was shipped to Africa. Carthage's response was to recruit in Africa and have Hannibal and one army march to Northern Italy.

There will be three battles fought in this first campaign turn. They will be fought clock-wise, the first land battle game will be fought in Spain, followed by Norther Italy, and finally Africa.


  1. I assume armies can't fight in the turn they're recruited?
    A nice touch would be to swap an initiative card for a confusion card for any army that has half or more of it's strength consisting of armies recruited in the previous turn (perhaps two if only made up of raw recruits). This woudl mean having to track the armies, of course you could do the reverse for veterans of won battles.
    I can't recall, are some of the chance cards reinforcements?

    1. As each turn represents 2 years I do allow newly recruited armies to fight. The option of another confusion card for newly recruited armies is an intriguing idea. I will have to consider. There are no reinforcement chance cards (yet).

  2. Very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

    1. Thank you kindly. It will be interesting to see how the campaign system works out in the coming months.