Saturday, 3 July 2021

Samurai project and the generosity of other wargamers

Let's start with the generosity of other wargamers. This week a book "Samurai Warfare" arrived in the post which was very kindly gifted by Rob a fellow wargamer. Based on a quick flip through, the book will prove really useful as I paint and organise my Samurai miniatures. 

The gifted book

The samurai project is starting to gain a bit of traction and figures are beginning to come off the painting table. Rather than base them on 4 by 3 inch bases as I usually do in groups of 10 to 12 figures. I decided to have them based them in groups of 6 figures on half bases 4 by 1.5 inches. This will allow me to mix and match the bases to create a unit. For example, a half unit of bowmen or arquebus can be added to spearmen. This has the benefit of reducing the number of spearmen I have to paint and I can stretch out their limited numbers.

Figures based on 4 x 1.5 inch bases each base is a half unit.

Two bases are joined to make a unit

A combined spear and bow unit

In terms of painting the armies I am going with two imaginary forces. One army will be painted with reds and browns and the other with blues and greys. To name the armies, and have a bit of fun, I used Google Translate to convert the names I have given the armies:

  • Aoi nuno - Blue cloth clan
  • Akai nuno - Red cloth clan

I have no idea as to the accuracy of the translation, but I am going with this for the time being.

The plan for what remains of this weekend is to begin the ancients campaign with a naval battle game.


  1. Vaguely to my own Samurai project, for which mos of my figures will be supplied by the 'Shogun' board game I bought 30 years ago. The mounted figures are supplied by the Zvezda Company. This will receive a bit of a boost when the 'other' 2 cavalry packs come through (in a few days, I hope).

    Like you, I have named the factions - 5 of them - after colours (which I writ on a piece of paper, somewhere in the pile). The sixth 'faction' will be the Ikko-Ikki - represented by any colour not opposing them on any battlefield. The Shogun map, I hope, will form the basis for a campaign...

    May I inquire as to the provenance of the flag design? Historical or ... generic?

    1. The flags are generic based upon a design from a painting. I selected the design based on the ease of painting and will be using red and blue as the primary colours with black and white added.

  2. I'd love to do Samurai. Unfortunately, there are several projects I'd love to do lined up before this one.

    1. Getting together some Samurai forces has been on my to do list for many, many years.