Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Ancient Campaign Turn 3 Begins

The beginning of each 2nd Punic War campaign turn starts with a naval battle. The losing side has to recruit and move their forces first, followed by the winner recruiting and moving forces. For this game I reduced the number of ships to 9 per side.

The Carthaginian fleet leaves the harbour to engage with the Roman fleet seen in the distance.

Both fleets spread out and manoeuvre before engaging in battle.

The battle begins

As the battle progresses the fleets break into two groups.

As ships are sunk or become entangled, isolated ships seek to regroup with their remaining fleet.

The remaining Carthaginian and Roman ships become isolated and retire and the battle is drawn.

Due to the game being drawn a dice was rolled to decide which side would recruit and move first. The Carthaginians lost and would go first.

The campaign map at the end of turn 2 with the Carthaginians in a strong position.

Moving first Carthage recruits in Northern Italy and moves an army to Southern Italy.

Rome is unable to recruit as it controls no regions and recalls its one remaining Spanish army to Northern Italy.

Two games will be fought in this campaign turn.


  1. It is looking bad for Rome, Scipio the Younger is badly needed!.

    1. It is look grim for Roam and Scipio is not due for another two turns.

  2. A draw? Interesting... I racked my brain for an idea to replace the toss of a coin but with non-one having control of the sea it seems the only sensible way to determine who goes first.
    So Carthage has more armies and Hannibal in Southern Italy - that ought to be a cake-walk.
    Even odds in the north as a newly-recruited army can't fight in the turn it's raised, or can it? I forget. Perhaps it can as I recall suggesting a penalty for using one (confusion cards)...

    1. I was not expecting a draw and it was a surprise. The Romans are hard pressed and with no recruitment a win is desperately needed. Recruited armies do still influence the games. Unless Rome has a win this campaign turn the campaign may end in the next couple of turns.
      I have considered allowing army recruitment in the home bases (Carthage or Rome) regardless of the number armies in the region.

  3. They beat themselves to a standstill. Rome will have to rely on a better outcome on land...

    1. The options are look pretty slim on land too.