Sunday, 26 September 2021

Campaign turn 3 - Battle of Acelum 214 BC setup

The campaign moves into turn three which covers the years 214 BC - 213 BC. Recruitment and moves have been completed (see map below) and there will be two land battles played in this turn. The first will be the Battle of Acelum 214 BC in Northern Italy. The battles are always played in a clockwise direction starting with Spain.

The map at the start of campaign turn 3 (214-213 BC)

Terrain cards are used to determine the tabletop layout. If there are no opposing terrain features on the flank areas the terrain gets positioned equal distance from both base edges. This does not occur in the centre so the centre areas of the tabletop remains open terrain. The town in this instance will be an impediment to any army deploying along that edge.

Cards initially placed from a deck of 8 cards. 4 x terrain features and 4 x open terrain. Two cards are not used are discarded. Each card represents a 2 x 2 foot square on a 6 x 4 foot tabletop.

Features are placed in the centre on the flanks were there is only no feature opposite. I have been trying this approach over the last few games, it ensures the centre area is open and positioning features in equal distance from the edges gives armies something to fight over to control. 

The tabletop is setup. Looking at the photograph I should have given the cover a quick iron to remove some of those crease lines from it being folded up rather than rolled up.

The tabletop is setup based upon the cards.

The orders of battle are:


  • 3 x heavy infantry
  • 1 x light infantry
  • 2 x heavy cavalry
  • 1 x light cavalry


  • 5 x heavy infantry
  • 1 x light infantry
  • 1 x heavy cavalry

The Romans have a very strong centre with their 5 heavy infantry and weak flanks, light infantry covering the hill flank and cavalry on the river flank. The river has compressed the width of both armies which the Romans hope will be to their advantage. They will need all the advantages they can get as the Carthaginian army will gain an additional rally chance card due to having for armies in the Northern Italy region.

Carthaginians lost the dice roll off and will deploy on the edge with buildings. This is not too much of an inconvenience as they have stacked their left flank with their faster troops. They are hoping to hold the centre and launch their attack on the flank.

The deployment rule cheat-sheet below...

Deployment rules.

The tabletop setup...

The armies are deployed.

The Roman centre faces their opponents in the distance.

The Carthaginian right flank readies to launch their flanking attack.

I just need to dig out the chance cards and the game can begin.


  1. ‘ The Romans have a very strong centre with their 5 heavy infantry and weak flanks’ …. Sounds very Roman :-).

    Excellent deployment diagram / rules.

    1. Yes, a typical Roman deployment in many ways. It should be a good game.

  2. The Romans better punch through the centre pretty quick before they get surrounded.
    To me it looks like the Carthaginians have packed their right flank with their faster troops.

    1. Correct, the Carthaginians are hoping to quickly take the hill and swing around on the right flank. The Romans have a very strong centre.

  3. Looks good, Peter! Is your Deployment Cheat-Sheet a new addition?

    1. Thanks. I started using the deployment cheat-sheet during campaign turn 2. I find it adds to the enjoyment of setting up the forces and encourages a number of lines of units.

  4. Brilliant. Looking forward to the batrep.

    1. I am hoping it will be an interesting game.