Sunday, 18 October 2015

AWI project with some old Peter Laing miniatures

I finally managed to dig out my old Peter Laing American War of Independence (AWI) miniatures which haven't seen the light of day for some 30 years. I plan to paint them up as my next project. There seems to be a reasonable spread of figures 300-350 on a rough count and 7 guns, although I may be a bit light on for cavalry.
All the AWI figures

Only 12 cavalry figures

7 Artillery pieces plus 5 complete limbers

Only 10% have been painted so along with deciding how I will paint these, I'm now looking around for some free rules to use of tinker with and amend. The choice will influence how the troops are based along with the available figures.

As I work through finding rules and painting, I'll continue with play testing my house rule additions on the One-Hour Wargaming WW1. Next I'll think about a mini-campaign.

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  1. I have just discovered your blog. I am a BIG fan of Peter Laing miniatures and use grid for most of my wargames.. I have been looking for information on PL AWI figures. Look forward to your AWI project.