Thursday, 22 October 2015

OHW Machine Age House Rules - Adjustments Continue

While I decide how to paint and base my AWI miniatures. I continue to play a game or two of WW1 using a modified set or Machine Age rules from One Hour Wargames. During these games the opportunity to tinker with the rules is hard to resist. One area which was bothering me was the use of aircraft, and how the rule of having three turns of their use lined up with the game clock. Quite possibly you could have aircraft for two and a half hours. So I've amended the rule for aircraft to arrive just for one turn with greater frequency.

A neutral looking plane used a a marker for the aircraft strafing rule
The other rule I amended is about limiting what units can do when they exceed 12 hits. (Note - the house rule has 18 hits before a unit is eliminated.) Having units hold out to the bitter end in the open without giving up ground didn't seem right. So units with more than 13 or more hits cannot assault, and if in the open will automatically retire each time they acquire any more hits. The number of inches they retire is determined by an average dice (2-3-3-4-4-5) role. Units in cover do not need to retire.

Anyway, the rule details are in the downloads - found top right of page.

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