Monday, 12 October 2015

Grid Based Machine Age (WW1) Wargame Rules

Having played a few games and modified Machine Age rules (OHW - Neil Thomas) I thought I'd try them with a 6" square grid to see how they played. (No surprise given my choice of blog name.) I'm not sure as the the final grid size and don't want to mark up my playing mat until sure, so I used small felt squares to mark out the table. They seem to adhere well to the mat and don't move about.

Using small felt squares to grid up a Citadel wargaming mat

A gridded table - so far no movement of markers

Key rule changes to movement:
1) Infantry, Artillery and Tanks move 1 square
2) Medium Tanks and cavalry move 2 squares
3) Armoured Cars move 3 squares
4) If starting and finishing on a road add 1 square to move.
All Tanks have to roll 3+ to move and likewise for Armoured Cars when not on a road.

Square Occupancy:
Only 1 large (Infantry or Cavalry) unit per square. Other small (Artillery, Tanks, etc) stands can share a square with a friendly unit. Maximum of 2 units occupying a square.

While playing the game I'll be noting other rule modifications or clarifications relating to the use of squares.

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