Friday, 19 February 2016

Sci-Fi Mini Campaign - Battle #5

This was the last chance for the Tyranids to progress to the next campaign phase having suffered two defeats. The scenario from One Hour Wargame was number 10 "Late Arrivals" which had a third of imperial forces defending an industrial complex and waiting for the rest of their force to arrive as reinforcements on turns 5 and 10.

The Imperial force selection lacked some solid Tactical squads and appeared to be cobbled together. Whereas, the Tyranid force had a nice balance of large creatures, Hormagaunts and deep-striking units. The tactics were simple for the Warrior Prime and his Tyranid hordes, advance as quickly as possible and take the industrial complex before reinforcements arrive.

Tyranid Unit Selection
Imperial Selection (Space Marines and Planetary Defence Force)
A small delaying Imperial force was quickly in retreat before the advancing Tyranids and their outflanking Genestealers. The Devastator squad in the Industrial Complex was able to provide valuable fire support to cover their retreat.

Genestealers use their stealth ability to enter behind the delaying force
A Devastator Squad provides cover fire to the retreating units
The very depleted delaying force just made it back to the Industrial Complex and held on with the Devastator Squad until the first of the Imperial reinforcement arrived. Deep-striking Tyranid units quickly appeared to attack the newly arrived reinforcements and Commander Bariel.

Desperately needed reinforcements arrive
Deep-striking Raveners and Gargoyles beset the reinforcements
Larger Tyranid creatures continued their advance down the road hot on the tails of the delaying force,  running into the reinforcements. The the flank waves of Hormaguants attack the hard-pressed defenders of the Industrial Complex.

Advancing Tyranid units engage with Space Marine reinforcements
Fierce fighting in the Industrial Complex
The final reinforcements of Planetary Defence Force units arrive as the Warrior Prime and Commander Bariel are engaged in combat. They quickly moved to make a last stand in the Industrial Complex just before Commander Bariel was defeated.

Final reinforcements arrive as Commander Bariel and the Prime battle it out
The last stand inside the complex
A victory to the Tyranids...


This proved to be a most enjoyable game which could have gone either way. The battle between force commanders and final brave, but futile, last stand providing an exciting end to the game.

The changes to the combat mechanism had worked out well. 

Unit of the game goes to the Warrior Prime for leading the attack and final combat showdown with the Space Marine Commander.

Warrior Prime (and pet) - Unit of the game

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