Saturday, 6 February 2016

Reading and painting, but no games

This week we have had guests staying and my hobby time has been limited. As a consequence I have not been able to get on to the next battle in my mini Sci-Fi  campaign.  However, I did find some time slots to complete some WW2 models which were in a half completed state.
Late WW2 British Force - each unit represents a company
Late WW2 German forces completed so far
I am now so close to completing all the units I need to start gaming, but I added two more models to the list being able to pick up two Achilles Tank Destroyers by ArmourFast during the week. I am really impressed by ArmourFast models. As a wargamer rather tham modeller, I find their models quick and easy to make and they are my first pick if given a choice of manufacturers.

Current Reading
I have just started reading Simulating War by Philip Sabin. I have just completed part one - The Theory - and am just about to start on part two - The Mechanics. It will be interesting to see this book   influences the WW2 rules I use, modify or come up with.


  1. Hi Peter,
    Nice-looking models, and interesting plans. I agree that company-level stands make the most sense for the kind of games I want (basically brigade-sized battlegroup of around a dozen stands per side), but so far I haven't found ideal rules. I don't have 1-hour wargames, because reviews have made them sound too simplistic, but a recent post which I can't find now, of course, spoke highly of his Wargames: an Introduction rules for WWII, so I have ordered it. I have literally dozens of WW2 rulesets (been gaming with them since Fast Rules in 1972), which I gather is not unusual. Currently I am leaning toward a free set I found on the Lone Warrior website called Tactical Combat by David Newport; it is for squad- or platoon-sized bases, but that should be close enough for easy modification. I have to change it over to 2d6 instead of 1d10 anyway -- just too old-school for those new-fangled dice.

    Regarding supply rules, your re-supply rules sound viable. My intent is to make up some forward supply dump stands and count re-supply range from them, with a negative modifier if the route is under enemy observation. I will have a corresponding truck or wagon for each to replace it if it moves, as it can't be used for re-supply on that turn. Since each of my units will roll 2d6 when firing, I was thinking if it rolled doubles then after combat results were applied it would have to roll again. Another doubles would put it on short supplies (negative modifier to shoot) unless it was double-1, then it is out of supplies (can only fire in close assault defense, with a penalty). If already on short supplies, any double on 2nd roll would be out.

    I hope you post your rules when you get them finished -- I always need more to add to my pile!

    Catch you later.
    John Ferryman
    Ohio, USA

  2. Hi John,
    Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. The One-Hour Wargame rules are simplistic and only have four unit types. I have found they are great to build upon and the thinking behind them quite thought provoking. I am hoping that by increasing the unit types, e.g. armoured infantry, motorised infantry, reconnaissance, etc. I will create more choices and decisions. I will be changing the combat rules to one of the methods described on John's Wargaming Page - most likely the last "chaos" approach for starters. I will be posting the rules as I work though modifying them.
    I do like your supply approach, and good luck with your search and modification of rulesets.
    Cheers, Peter