Thursday, 25 February 2016

WW2 Grid-Based Wargaming and Miniatures

While I am still looking for an Airfix Tiger Tank, I happened across these Airfix kits and snapped them up. The Jeep from the Buffalo kit will provide a useful reconnaissance unit and the Buffalo will be used to represent an Engineer unit. The Bedford trucks will be used to represent mobile infantry units which I'm lacking. More to paint!
Recent purchase
Last week I was feeling reasonable comfortable with where my house rules were, using One Hour Wargame rules the a starting point, and had even started to write them up. However, as the week progressed a few more changes have been cropping up as I try out the rules, and I am now reassessing my command and supply rule mechanisms. Trying out different rule options and playing small test scenarios, while enjoyable, has meant painting has slowed down and I am yet to get back to my Sci-Fi campaign.
A game in progress testing out house rule changes


  1. Hi Peter,
    Looking good, and sounds like lots of fun.
    I have been on the other end -- building and painting. I like your end better. :)

    1. Hi John,
      Its great to be finally playing with the miniatures after a few of months of gradually making and painting them. Good luck with your building and painting endeavours. Some of the rule changes I made yesterday seem to be working, I say with that crossed fingers, as you get hopeful only to see them come undone with different scenario games.
      Kind Regards, Peter