Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mini Sci-Fi Campaign - Battle 4 Preparations

Following on from a successful counterattack by Space Marine Commander Bariel, which halted the advancing Tyranids led by a Warrior Prime. Imperial reconnaissance drones have spotted another large Tyranid force led by a Hive Tyrant advancing out of the bridgehead. A combined Space Marine and Planetary Defence Force (PDF) is quickly assembled under the command of Master Scout Sergeant Tobias to counter the treat.
Master Scout Sergeant Tobias (a four point character)

Imperial Forces

A nicely balanced Space Marine force was assembled with support from a PDF Basilisk and Sentinel. The Sentinel interestingly is the only unit with an observation ability for indirect fire from the Basilisk, and will have to be used wisely.
Imperial Forces (Space Marines and Planetary Defence Forces)

The selection of Tyranid units was heavily weighted towards assaulting units (4 x Hormagaunt units!) and only a few shooting units. The deep-striking Gargoyles and Raveners will provide some nasty surprises for the Imperial defenders.

Tyranid Force

The Battle

A quick dice roll of the two remaining battles in the current campaign phase identified scenario 18 (counterattack) from the trusty One-Hour Wargames book as the next battle to be fought. Until the Tyranids gain a victory they cannot proceed to the next campaign phase. See a previous post for campaign set up and phases.

All Tyranids units with the exception of deep-striking Ravener and Gargoyle units start on the board around the ruined habitat blocks. Only two Imperial units begin on the table. The remaining units, with the exception of deep-striking Assault Marines, must arrive on turn 2.

Only Imperial Forces with their local knowledge can use the two side gaps in the lava flow to cross. Both sides can use the road to cross the lava flow.

Victory goes to the side holding both the lava road crossing and habitat square with road access (not the whole town).

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