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Mini SciFi Campaign - Counterattack

This is the third battle report of a mini Sci-Fi campaign using secarios from the book One Hour Wargames, and a Sci-Fi rule variant of the rules from the same book (link top left of page).

For this phase of the campaign, we have a Tyranid force led a warrior prime pushing along a road leading from the established bridgehead. In their way is a small contingent of the Planetary Defence Force (PDF) supported by Space Marines led by Commander Bariel, who has taken over overall command and is launching a counterattack to thwart the Tyranid advance.

The scenario selected with a dice roll is #6 from One Hour Wargames.

Imperial Force (Planetary Defence Force and Space Marines)

1 x PDF squad found manning the barricades
1 x Tactical squad plus Rhino
1 x Tactical squad
1 x Razorback with high impact weapons (lasgun)
Commander Bariel (5 character points) with tactical weapons
Chaplin Tolecius (5 character points) with power assault weapons
Librarian Cashrel (4 character points) with tactical weapons or psychic weapons

6 units were laid out as described in the scenario. The seventh unit was then diced for to determine area if positioned on the flank or with the barricade.

Tyranid Force

Warrior Prime (5 character points) plus Tyrant Guard (droid ability)
Carnifex (3 points) with power assault weapons and Hormagaunt Brood
Carnifex (3 points) with support weapons and Hormagaunt Brood
1 x Genestealers Brood
1 x Gaunt Brood (cloaking ability)
1 x Raveners
1 x Hormagaunt Brood

The selection went well for the Tyranids with picking up two Carnifex units with supporting Hormagaunt Broods.

The Game

The game starts with most of the Tyranid forces moving down the road towards a road block of manned by PDF, Space Marine Tactical squad and Commander Bariel. The remaining Space Marine units are spread out down the right hand side of the board. The Tyranids have two units, Genestealers and Ravener Brood, still to arrive by deep-striking into any open square and stealth to arrive on any table edge.
Game setup
There was one rule change I made for this game which was to do with roads. When starting and ending a move on the road a ground unit can attack as part of the same action. So they are treated like a fast unit and could perform a move/attack action when moving down a road.

Imperial forces rat the barricade readied themselves for the coming assault
The Space marines moved on the flank of the advancing Tyranids, who responded by charging in with Hormagaunt Broods and Carnifex. The first decisive blow was struck by the Librarian who's bolt of warp lightening struck down the Carnifex with a roll of three 6's. In the process he over extended himself and as a consequence suffered a wound. This attack continued and saw Chaplain Tolecius join the fray to help snuff out the attack, but not before succumbing to the slashing Hormagaunt talons.

Space Marine flank attack draws off Tyranid units
A sortie from the barricades by Space Marines engaged with the advancing Tyranid units. Using the rule for roads which allow ground units to move and attack as one action.

Deep-striking Ravener Brood appeared and attacked the Razorback which survived the attack and quickly retired towards the barricade before any damage was done. Support fire from the Librarian and from the barricade started to whittle down the Ravener Brood before Commander Bariel led an attack to finish off the Ravener threat.

Space Marines getting the better of their opponents
Finally, the Genestealer Brood arrived and quickly assaulted the barricade defenders. The remaining Space Marine units all started to consolidate around the barricade as the few remaining Tyranid units tried to force their way down the road in a final effort.

Genestealers arrive probably 2 turns too late to turn the battle
Generally things were not going the Tyranid's way and once the Genestealer Brood was eliminated that was the end of any treat and the Warrior Prime retired from the field.

Game end with the elimination of the Genestealers


Tyranid deep-striking and stealth units arrived too far apart, turn-wise, allowing Imperial units to gang up on them and deal with the treats one at a time.

Commander Bariel after this victory will continue in overall command and is looking for the next counterattack opportunity to bottle up the Tyranids.

Unit of the Game

The unit of the game was Librarian Cashrel who's psychic powers eliminated a Carnifex and helped in dealing with the Ravener Brood. 
Librarian and body guard (used to represent character points)

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