Sunday, 13 March 2016

Back to the Sci-Fi Campaign

After focusing on the WW2 period and the associated rules for the last couple of weeks it was quite refreshing to get back to my Sci-Fi campaign. The campaign had been left hanging with the Tyranids progressing to the campaign's Consolidation phase having survived the Imperial force's counterattacks.


The forces were selected using cards as outlines in the featured post. The imperial forces were lead by Commissioner Verdeck replacing Space Marine Commander Bariel after his last defeat. Of the two forces the Imperial selection looked very strong and balanced at first glance. However, the Tyranids had Genestealers with the stealth ability (able to arrive on any table edge) along with a unit of deep-striking Raveners.

Tyranid Force
Imperial Forces
A quick roll of the dice selected One Hour Wargames scenario 2 (pitched battle #2) from the three scenarios in the Consolidation phase. To win a force had to take control of both crossroads and hill.

Table setup for OHW scenario 2 (pitched battle #2)

Battle Report

Both forces lined up on their sides of the table, while Tyranids held their Genestealer and Ravener units in reserve ready to enter with their respective stealth and deep-strike abilities. The Imperial forces started with early control and quickly placed Terminator and Devastator squads on the hill. A Tyranid response was quick in coming with some surprise appearances from the Genestealers behind the Commissioner and a Ravener unit on the hill next to the Terminators. The battle for the hill had begun with neither force hanging back.

Surprise! The arrival of Ravener and Genestealer units
Tyranids continued to swarm up the hill while the Carnifex moved to hold the crossroads, only to succumb to some very effective fire from the nearby Chimera (which rolled three 6's with four dice!). 

Behind the hill luck continued to go the Imperial forces. A Motorcycle squad leaping to support the Commissioner who's future looked very short in the face of the Genestealers.  With all guns blazing the squad roared into the zone and used their stomp ability to dispatch the remaining Genestealers (who's numbers  had been whittled down by support fire from a Sentinal).

The battle of the hill in full swing

Motorcycle Squad to the rescue!
While the Leman Russ moved up to secure the crossroads, Commissioner Verdeck and Motorcycle squad moved to support the hill's defence which was teetering after the Terminator squad fell to the combined scything talons of the Ravener and Hormagaunt broods. The Devastator squad was soon to fall only to be replaced by an Imperial Guard squad in the desperate battle of the hill.

Control of the crossroad
The Leman Russ while suffering minor damage eliminated an isolated Hormagaunt brood unit lurking near the crossroads.

A view of the latter stages of the game
With the Crossroads secure the Imperial forces rushed to support their comrades on the hill. The battle of the hill had been equally devastating for the Tyranid forces, but the battle had started to swing their way with the arrival of their Hive Tyrant.

A desperate battle was occurring on the hill
 The battle finally swung towards the Imperial forces with some solid dice rolling. An Imperial victory!

The Hive Tyrant is finally dispatched with two 6's from a Guard Sergeant

Unit of the game

The choice for unit of the game was between the Motorcycle squad and the Imperial Guard unit. I've gone with the Imperial Guard, or more specifically its Sergeant, who lead his unit up on the hill and engaged the Hive Tyrant, putting the final nail in the Tyranid coffin with a double 6.

Campaign Summary

The next game could be the decider. While the Tyranids have been progressing through the campaign phases, they have been losing battles getting through on the last battle of each phase. As a result they have been using up their bio-mass and can only sustain them for 6 battle losses before it is all consumed. So they must wind the next two battles to win the campaign, any losses and its victory to the Imperial defenders of planet Vyran.

(The campaign rules are detailed in the featured post.)

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