Thursday, 17 March 2016

WW2 Rules and Miniatures

As fast as I complete my WW2 miniatures I seem to be buying more. My recent purchases were somewhat opportunistic.

Recent purchases
With a level of stabilisation in my WW2 house rules (click here) I now want to add air support and introduce some elite units, along with using the existing heavy tank option rule. For the elite units I am planning for one company of commandos and a battalion of paratroopers. No ideas yet on the optional rules for them, it just seemed like a good idea when justifying the purchase.

I do plan to add a game clock into my rules to help with the narrative. For example, "reserves are expected to arrive at 08:15" sounds much better than "Turn 3 reserves arrive...". The idea of a game clock comes from the rules "Tigers at Minsk" (rules, ideas, design notes and supporting information found here) which have influenced my thinking when writing my house rules.


  1. Pete,
    If you are actually painting all of your purchases before you buy more, you are a rare bird in this hobby. I congratulate you. I've certainly never caught up with myself. :oP```

    1. Hi John,
      When I returned to wargaming after a lengthy break of a decade or more, I made the rule of buy, paint, and only then buy some more figures. It mostly works and has become habitual. I no longer have multiple unfinished projects which I found frustrating.
      Regards, Peter

  2. Thanks for the link re the 'gaming clock' in the Tigers at Minsk rules. I continue to watch your progress with interest.

    1. The tweets and minor modifications have already started. Progress at this stage is mostly one step forward and one step back, trying to get the right feel to the rules (for my tastes anyway).