Friday, 25 March 2016

WW2 Project Continues

This Easter weekend I have a block of free time to focus on painting some recently purchased WW2 kits and try out one of two terrain items. In between paint and glue drying times I hope to fit in a couple of games to help finalised a couple of rules modifications I am trying out.

British Paratroop Battalion and Air Support units in progress
This week has been a productive modelling week, earlier I completed some kits which I had made up and just required painting. These included a Churchill tank and British Motorised Infantry units. The motorised infantry would be added to my existing single motorised unit.

All Airfix Kits
Revell's Monty's Caravan Kit - now Motorised Infantry waiting for reinforcements
Airfix Tiger and ArmourFast StulG 33B
I had purchased a StulG 33B which does not fit in with my NW European theme. I did think about the StuH 42, but went for the 33B as it looked different and I would not confuse it with the StuG III. Given that I'd thrown out any notion of historical accuracy I converted the second StulG (2 in a pack) to a self propelled artillery unit - a fantasy model.

Self-propelled Artillery unit


  1. Hi Peter,
    Sharp looking units. I like the conversion, and I agree: historical accuracy be damned -- the game's the thing. And besides, it's your army.
    That's why most of my Soviet kit is in Summer '44 faded olive whether it's fighting in 1941 or 1945; because I like it. And it's my Soviet army. ha!
    I like your concept of company-sized units with embedded transport. And it makes the mot infantry stands more visually interesting. Very cool. I am planning to do that with some motorcycle and kettenkrad troops.
    I still can't decide whether to have double stands for mounted & dismounted cavalry, or kind of a combined stand like you do. Since I use almost exclusively plastic, I've never enjoyed building cavalry much, and it's hard to find figures anyway. So I was thinking about just having a horse handler at the back of a dismounted stand and saying done. Maybe have some individual mounted figures to place next to them when there were mounted, but I'm not sure I would ever need it except for opportunity fire when coming on the table. I mean, cavalry charges were damn rare by then.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your progress.

    1. Hi John,
      When I started having figures and transport on the same stand I did wonder if it was the right decision, it does potentially limit the rule sets you can use. However, it is working for me right now as each company stand represents a unit type.
      Your idea of a horse handler (or mixed mounted and dismounted) on a cavalry stand works, and as you mention cavalry charges are rare thing. Finding suitable plastic models is the challenge.
      Regards, Peter

  2. I agree, the combination of inf and vehicles on one base is an interesting concept and just looks nice.

    I like the Armourfast conversion - I do like the practicality of their models, it is just a pity that their tracks don't show a bit more detail, but I always cover mine with a good dollop of mud anyway. Enjoy the Holiday weekend.

    1. Hi Norm,
      Agree that Armourfast models are a tad light on some detail. After making up quite a few models over the last couple of months, I have tended to pick Armourfast first, if they have the model, trading off some detail for easy of making.
      Regards, Peter