Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hundred Years War campaign moves for next game

Having secured a hard won victory the English forces under command of Prince Riddick and his trusted lieutenants Sir John of Chewford and the Sheriff of Lockdew. Attempt to progress their march towards the waiting ships and avoid the French forces which are both blocking their progress and at the same time nipping at their heals.

The English having consolidated their forces won the last battle forcing the French to retire
The English are slow to reorganise (no 3+ rolled by any of their army elements). Meanwhile some elements of the French army are able to close in (with 4+ rolls). 
The English army starts to move, but elements under the command of Sir John Chewford are held up.
Prince Riddick decides to wait and not risk further splitting his forces with the French nearby.
The French, led by non other than their leader Duc Duclos, catch up with the delayed English.
The French will have a real advantage here with access to two additional units of their choice because the battle is near a town. The town will help provide much needed additional units.

The game is played on a 4 x 5 foot area of randomly generated terrain features determined by the type of features on the campaign map.
A view from the other end of the table. The stick at the end marks the end of the playing area.
When I started this campaign it was mainly to provide a narrative for hopefully 6 games as part of the 6x6 challenge. So while not everything was considered and I am happy making odd rule additions and changes to keep the campaign interesting (which are often decided by a "will I do it or not" dice roll).

Anyway, where this is leading to - an interesting question was posted in the comments about casualties and was I reducing the strength of units during the campaign. (Thanks Norm!) So there is a new rule where after every 3 games the base number of units selected is reduced by 1 for both sides. The exception is for those commanders assigned with moving the army's baggage. In this campaign that's Prince Riddick and Duc Duclos. They will not be effected by this rule.

Normally in a game each side gets to choose 5 units made up of bowmen and foot sergeants. Plus 2 mounted or foot men at arms for each commander in the game. French get extra units when the battle is fought near a village or town. So if neither Prince Riddick for the English or Duc Duclos for the French is at the battle their forces will only select 4 bowmen or foot sergeants. The approach for deciding forces is described here.

So in the next game things look pretty dire for Sir John of Chewford commanding 6 units. Against him will be Duc Duclos (and baggage) commanding 7 units that are bolstered by 2 units from the town, a total of 9 units.


  1. Can Duc Duclos reverse the string of defeats? I will stay tuned.

    1. There is a good chance of a reversal of fortunes for the Duc. Whether he gets a minor victory by eliminating 50 percent of English units or loss of the English leader; or a major victory with both of those events occurring is yet to be seen.