Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sci-Fi Games 5 and 6 of the 6x6 Challenge

During this week I played out games 5 and 6 of the science fiction series of my 6 x 6 challenge. In both games I have Space Marines vs. space Orks. Both games used Sci Fi rules based upon Tank on Tank rules which I have been using and gradually modifying with each of the 6 challenge games.

For these two games I modified the rules to help differentiate between troops and non-troop units in the combat results. Previously troop and non-troop units were both shaken if the attacking 2D6 score was equal to their armour value and eliminated if greater. With the modification non-troop units keep the same approach, but troop units take two hits to be eliminated and are hit when the attacking 2D6 score is equal of greater than their armour value.

A few photos of game 5 with two reconnaissance elements making contact.

Space Marine forces quickly advance
A mobile Ork force moves forward
Ork "Deffkoptas" swiftly move up on the flank
Ork forces charge towards the Space Marines
Bikers take on the "Deffkoptas"
Space Marines fallback under a hail of fire from Orks
Remaining Space Marines retire

The sixth game was based upon the One Hour Wargame scenario 21 - Twin Objectives. This game to went the way of the Orks with their numbers making the difference towards the end as both sides engaged in an exchange of fire over the last few turns. So this is my first challenge completed.

Ork deployment

Space Marines defend one of the objectives
A flyer is available to help defend both objectives. The second objects is in the background.
Defenders prepare for defending the second objective 
The bulk of Orks attack the first objective
A smaller Ork attack on the second objective is dealt with

Orks try and press home their attack.
Defenders from the second objective race across to support the beleaguered defenders of the first  objective
A victory to the Ork boyz as they take the first objective and see off supporting units

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