Saturday, 11 November 2017

French Indian War campaign game 3 report

Game three saw the French defending a fort. Half their forces including their cannon were within the fort walls and the remaining four units positioned outside to harass the attacking British.

In this game I decided to make a modification to the shooting rules. This was aimed to benefit the effectiveness of units with fewer hits. So, units with four or more hits subtract one from the shooting dice. I did consider units with three or less hits having the option to re-roll hit dice when shooting, but stuck with the subtract one option for this game and may try re-rolling option in the next game.

Anyway, onto the pictures and game report...

French cannon fire is used to disrupt advancing British units in the opening moves.
The British quickly positioned their cannon and targeted the fort gates
Some well aimed shots quickly breached the walls
British light infantry move around the flank.
British units begin to advance upon the breach.
At this point in the game the advantage seemed to be with the British, having successfully breached the fort walls and forced once group of French harassing forces to retire behind the fort.

Highlanders advance as French units defend the breach 
French right flank units continued to harass attacking units
The attack continues as French units put up a strong defence
Light infantry launch an attack on the cannon which was proving to be very effective in defence
The British cannon is under threat as shielding units are eliminated by French units 
Defences hold firm
The light infantry attacks fail and British units prepare their final assault
The gallant French commander fell during the final assault, but other units within the fort took his place. 
The assault continues and the defence continues to hold
The assault finally fails to dislodge the defenders and the British commander is lost with his unit.
A good and close game which for a while looked like the British would have their third win. The French cannon proved the difference seeing off an assault from light infantry and supporting the defence of the breach. Giving the French their first campaign victory.


  1. That was a close one! Early on, it appeared the British would be victorious once again.

    Nice work!

    1. Having fresh units relatively untouched in the fort enabled the French to hold it while the cannon did the damage.

  2. The situation gave a good narrative, helped by the splendid visual theatre of the fort wall being breached by artillery fire.

    1. It was a fun game to play and kept me up late just to complete it. Matchsticks and soft-toy stuffing sprayed with black paint do add to the visuals when playing.

  3. I agree with Norm - that photo of the fort wall crumbling needs to be framed! Happy to see a bit of balance restored in the campaign, but at the cost of two leaders! It's Quebec all over again!

    1. Lol - I think capturing this fort will be a challenge for the British. They may have to try a different approach.