Sunday, 26 November 2017

The problems of returning to house rules

Returning to self written rules after a break always has problems for me. Namely, the reasons for choosing a certain rule mechanism has been forgotten and so I start questioning aspects of the rules. Then comes a rule modification and after a while of playing the realisation that the original rule did serve a purpose. My little grey cells eventually kick into action and recall the reason for the approach. Doh!

While I have a mini French Indian War campaign on the go, I did not feel quite in an 18th century gaming mood and instead opted for a return to some Sci-Fi gaming using my Warhammer 40k collection. Minus their complicated rules which require too much referring to the rule book for my tastes now-a-days, which is why I use my own house rules.

So this week's wargaming time has been spent mucking around with rules and pretty much going full circle with the reworking rules. Although on the upside, I have notes on a different activation mechanism which I will use on occasion depending the style of game I am looking for.

Only a few photos taken of one of the games...

Space Marines arrive
Tyranids in wait
Towards the end of a game
On a visit to Games Workshop this weekend to top up my paint, I found it all too tempting and came away with the new Necromunda game. (Early Christmas present perhaps!) I really like the models and I am planning to use the Fistful of Lead Reloaded (wild west) rules with modifications for playing the game. Again my aversion to overly detailed rules. Although, I am currently reading through the rule book and will use the rules when having a game with my Son on one of his visits. He has a preference to using a rule book and his youthful memory gives him a definite advantage.

Succumbing to temptation


  1. I know what you mean about returning to rules and having questions, though I think some of that is simply 'contamination' by being exposed to other rule systems in the meantime and as you say, you just need to settle back down into the rules. If they were commercial rules, there would be no self questioning, you would just get on with it and accept the rules as a given.

    In any case, I think you have to fully immerse yourself in rules gain before tinkering as inevitably fixing one thing can unhinge another unless you are firing on all pistons with the rules.

    It appears that GW have done rather well by bringing some long out of print games back in and tapping into a rich vein of nostalgia.

    That's a nice looking table and in your own words from the past ... not over-packed with units.

    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to painting the Nercomunda as 20 models make for a nice contained project.
      As you say the temptation to apply rule mechanisms from other rulesets into house rulesets is always tempting.

    2. Well said, Norm!

      In rules writing like software development, care must be taken in making changes to a foundation without careful consideration and implications to what has transpired before. I have found myself on the wrong end of both!

  2. The whole "what was I thinking?" followed by tinkering and finally "Oh, right" sounds all to familiar. Just been through the cycle back to where I began. Perhaps I need more faith.

    1. I have been reading your posts with interest as you grapple with new rules and approaches. Trying out new rules or tweaking them can be fun, especially when they work, but too many full circles can become frustrating.