Thursday, 9 November 2017

French Indian War Campaign - preparing game 3

After messing around with a few WW2 games over the last week or two, it was time to get back to my French Indian War campaign. The last campaign game (game two) saw a British victory and the resulting French retirement.

French retirement move
Following on from their victory the British forces made a move on the French river fort.

British advance
Both forces selected 12 units which were reduced using cards to: 8 units for the French and 10 for the British, who chose to use there reinforce option to give them an extra two units. The British had hoped to field two artillery units, but the cards were against them.

Selection of forces
The fort and roads were laid out first with all remaining terrain randomly placed according to dice rolls.

French units prepare for a defensive battle 
British forces arrive


  1. Well, let's see what happens this time!

    1. Yes, will the fort be enough to offset the additional units the British are fielding.

  2. Come on the French! this could be a very one-sided campaign if they don't get a victory soon!

    1. So far I have been lucky with my mini-campaigns being fairly even affairs. Fingers crossed.