Sunday, 24 December 2017

Spencer Smith Napoleonic Armies painted

This week I have been able to finish off the last few cavalry and artillery units required for my plastic Spencer Smith Napoleonic armies. The painting is very simplistic and uniforms somewhat generic with a War of the Third Coalition look.

The figures are mainly old plastic Napoleonic miniatures with a few converted ACW figures and SYW artillery miniatures. I was hoping to add to the collection with a recent eBay auction of a few cavalry and old guard, but lost out in the last hour of bidding unfortunately.

Austrian and Russian Units 
French units
All landed out on my 6x4 tabletop
A final few figures completed today added commanders and some converted standard bearers (as there are none in the range).

I started these armies back in early August and have over the last five months been able for the most part focus on painting them. Although there was one small diversion to paint WW2 Burma units for some Crossfire games.

It is pleasing to complete this project and be able to play a few games over the Christmas holidays.

Standard bearers drying on the painting table before adding some more colour to the tabletop. Depending upon the rules they may represent brigade commanders.
Next year I may add to the collection with some new metal figures from the range. I really like the Hussars and another couple of units would be good.


  1. Must feel good to have this lot on parade so quickly in such numbers and looking so well.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you. I do like the simplicity of the miniatures which do lend themselves to a quick style of painting. Merry Christmas

  2. Enjoyed your parade and thanks for the past year of interesting posts. Best Wishes, Norm.

  3. I think you should be proud of this collection. Some good work there.

    I have masses of Spencer Smith ACW which are either finished or not started. I must do them one day.

    1. Thank you, I am very pleased with how they have turn out. They were actually quite enjoyable to paint in numbers. Merry Christmas