Tuesday, 19 December 2017

French Indian War Campaign - Game 5

The campaign has the French retiring after a defeat a game 4. This was followed by the British moving up their unit positioned on the southern river bank to attack across the river, in the hope of isolating at the French garrisoned fort.

French retirement move after their last defeat in game 4
British move to attack across the river in an attempt to isolate the French fort.
Using the campaign map as a guide tabletop terrain was setup for game 5, then forces selected for both sides.

Terrain laid out ready for a game
French forces
British forces
The nature of terrain setup meant the battlefield was split it two by woods on both sides of the river. Both sides placed their artillery on hills. While French defenders benefited from a block house placed at a location of their choice, which was used to guard their right flank.

The river could be crossed at the road and two other fordable places known to both forces.

British forces arrive on the battlefield
French blockhouse - the forces placed behind are there to remind me they are within the structure.
British move across the river on their right flank behind the woods. This protected them from French artillery fire.
The crossing is complete and the British attack is in full swing.
Casualties are starting to mount on both sides.
Somewhat quieter on the other flank
Both sides commit all their reserves to the fight as casualties increase.
In the end  French defenders manage to hold off the British assault
A victory to the French in game 5.

This game was played four times as I made changes to rules. Rather than playing out a new game to test out modifications, I just kept the terrain in place and started over again. I like quicker games (about an hours duration) so playing through a number of games over a couple of days is quite feasible. The results of the four games was split two wins on either side. I went with the first game result which was a French win.


  1. Peter- I do like your terrain - very nice. KEV.

    1. Thanks KEV - mostly felt on a Citadel terrain mat with a mixture of home made and purchased trees. The blockhouse is a balsa wood box painted. Cheers Peter

  2. The 50 /50 split for victory does tend to suggest that you have things about right. What would happen if the French sent a unit up into that gap behind the British unit at the top, would supply be cut .... or would the French just weaken their force and get picked off?

    1. Yes, if the three French forces all do a shuffle to the west it could isolate that British force - although it would put the French themselves in a precarious position should a second attempt be successful at this river crossing. Still, Montcalm was nothing if not bold!
      Another great game by the way Peter.

    2. In the games won by the French they had their Indian units in the woods supporting the left flank, or positioned on the opposite right flank where they quickly moved forward to treated the British artillery drawing away British infantry to defend. For the British I found the best approach was to push their light infantry into the centre woods.
      As for the rules, they are moving back to OHW rule mechanisms with units having to successfully activate to move.

    3. Norm, could a 50/50 split also suggest that the situational (fixed) component is being overpowered by the random component?